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There is a wealth of artefacts and information available at the Museum of Timekeeping, including resources to help with your research enquiries.

Around 2000 items are displayed in the Museum’s exhibition galleries which can be enjoyed during general opening hours and as part of our events programme.

At the moment we are working on the extensive process of creating a full collection catalogue to help record specific details about each item in the collection. In the long run this will help improve access to the collection and also support new ways of using the collection in exhibitions, events and wider activities.
The wider museum collection is stored in the library and reserve storage. These areas are not publicly accessible, but if you believe there may be artefacts or information that may be of use to you, then we can offer the ability to carry out limited research tasks on your behalf. The museum does not always hold extensive background information about artefacts, but will endeavour to answer any additional questions visitors may have. Please note that a separate charge may be payable for this service.

For information and to arrange access, or place an enquiry, please contact:
Alex Bond Collections Officer via +44 (0)1636 817607 or email alex@museumoftimekeeping.org.uk

For BHI Members requesting Library services as part of membership benefits please contact info@bhi.co.uk or call +44 (0)1636 813795.

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